About Kidney Zone

Hi! Welcome to Kidney Zone. My name is Lena Vaynberg Eder, and I am a resident in the Duke Internal Medicine Residency program. Kidney Zone is a project funded by a Duke Internal Medicine Stead Resident Research Grant. Kidney Zone seeks to use online tools and social media to enhance medical student and trainee education and engagement in nephrology.

Kidney Zone utilizes blog posts, social media, polls, and videos to deliver educational material to increase medical student engagement in nephrology. Some of the features will include short 1-2 minute high-yield physiology video series, board review questions and explanations video series, and short 1-min long Mythbusters style “Top Intern Nephrology Tips.”

The Kidney Zone Blog is curated and edited by medical students and open to other medical students from around the country. All posts are reviewed by the editorial team which includes fellows and attendings. Take a look at our team. The purpose of Kidney Zone is to present nephrology to medical student in an easy, fun, and digestible way. We invite you to get involved.

Please reach out to me if you are interested in contributing.  Follow us on Twitter @kidneyzone Instagram and Facebook.